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Strike Action – November 13 – SCHOOL CLOSED!

As you may have seen NZEI Te Riu Roa has announced it will hold a full day strike on November 13. You will have heard discussion through the media about the primary teacher’s union (NZEI), and on-going negotiations with the government. While teacher’s pay is obviously part of the negotiations, it is only a part of the drive to create better conditions in our schools. Teachers and principals are campaigning to address:

  • Lack of support for students with additional learning and behavioural needs
  • Teachers and principals consistently rising workloads
  • Remuneration
  • Crisis in recruitment and retention of teachers and principals.


Our BoT have decided it is unfeasible for our school to remain open during this strike and will close the school for the day. You will need to make alternative arrangements for your child.


One of the questions asked at the 3 way conference last term was around students purchasing their own chromebook. Over 92% of our whanau thought this was a good idea so the Board has decided that next year 2019, we will be asking all year 4 students to purchase a chromebook through the 20/20 trust. Don’t panic – this wont have to be an outright purchase and whanau will have the opportunity to pay this off over 3 years. We would like to invite all Year 4 parents and care givers (and anyone else who would like to join us)  to a meeting to discuss this and answer any of your  questions on Wednesday 14 November  at 3.30pm.

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