Dog Safety!


Last week we learn't about dog safety and how to be safe around dogs we don't know. We watched a fun video and then for homework got to create a fun poster showing some of the main things we learn't to keep us safe.   Here are some of the posters that we created! Come and have a look! I think we did great! :)   … [Read more...]

Sugar Drinks


  We had Garth come in to our class today and talk to us about the amount of sugar in the drinks that we drink. We were able to put the drinks in order from least amount of sugar to the most. It was interesting to see what had the most sugar and it was a bottle of E2. We then placed bags of sugar beside the bottles indicating the … [Read more...]

Fantail Garden Display

  Some of the students in Room 10 got to opportunity to create pieces of art to display in the garden beside Room 6. We are very proud and thanks to the amazing job Mrs Meyers did with us we were able to create some awesome displays. Here they are and if you are around school come and check them out!!! :) Last week Awa, Mihi-Rangi, … [Read more...]

Character descriptions


  Here are some of our character descriptions of Brave Mouse. We had lots of fun reading Brave Mouse the story that we decided to write our own descriptions. We tried to use as many adjectives and describe them as best as we could. Have a read and tell us what you think :) By Room … [Read more...]

Our class brain breaks


Here are some photos from our class. We have a new website that we love called gonoodle and it gives us fun quick workouts or brain games to keep us awake for our learning. We enjoy it and think it's such a fun way of keeping on task during the day. Have a look and tell us what you think? … [Read more...]



Today we learnt about what a shadow is and different ways that shadows are made. We had lots of fun drawing our buddies shadows and had to time it right between the sun going behind the clouds. Look at our awesome pictures … [Read more...]

Proud of you all!

Well done to everyone that participated in the junior swimming sports today!! I am so proud of you all and I bet your families are aswell. Although the day wasn't as perfect as it should have been everyone was doing the right thing and trying their best! It looked like you all enjoyed yourselves. Thanks to all the whanau that attended … [Read more...]

Our Frogs Room 10


  These are Room 10's frogs. We have been writing and learning about the process of metamorphosis. Here are some photos of us feeding them and looking at their beautiful colours. Ask us what we have learn't if you see us around. We love talking about our frogs. :) … [Read more...]

Students can be teachers too!

photo 2 (1)

Room 10 has been learning about visual language art. We took a piece of A3 paper, and folded it into 4 quarters. On the first quarter we drew a picture of a snail. On the next quarter, we had to brainstorm all the words we could think of that have to do with snails. From our list, we had to use these words to make the picture of the … [Read more...]

Terffic Term 4


Term 4: We have started this term off being very busy with visits from Lisa to talk about Kiwi survival, Garth discussing the sugar content in so many of our drinks, dance practice with Nadia for our end of year production, Year 2's meeting Valerie Adams, Duffy Assembly and awards, making creative containers for our gala AND our everyday … [Read more...]