If I had $1,000

If I had 1,000 I wouldn't put it in my bank account or give it to my mum to keep safe... I'd spend it all on myself instead!!! First I'd get my mum to drive me down to Auckland and head straight down to the most brilliant gleaming biggest mall I could find. I would spend $400 on new and improved swimming gear for myself,comfortable … [Read more...]


I went to Wellington to V.I.P camp in the van.  First we had lunch then we got our stuff  ready to go swimming.  Then it was night time. Kids disturbed me sleeping. In the morning I woke up at 6 o'clock and I went in the dinning room to have breakfast. the originally installed microsoft office 2010 suite may have included a trial version … [Read more...]


Wolves are so so cool. They can have different coats. Their coats can be black and brown, white, black and white, or brown and white. Wolves only eat meat. They are carnivores. Wolves have fangs; which are sharp teeth and long sharp razor claws. Wolves are mammals because they give birth to babies. Wolf pups cannot see when they are born. … [Read more...]

Ugly at Matai Bay

Ugly! at Matai Bay One day ugly was sick of his unusual sticks and the cuteys. so he decided to camp at Matai Bay. For a start, he went fishing. First he got a boot. then he got a GIANT shark! Too bad he didn't have a tent. He even found infb. He shared his tent with ugly and they ate that shark together too. Sleep tight … [Read more...]

Swag Duck

  The  swag duck is waddling around town. He is looking for a house to live in. He  searched and searched until he was a swag grandpa duck. Then  he finds a house, it suits his swag grandpa style. It’s good he sits in his swag rocking chair as he drinks his duck beer.   By Brody         … [Read more...]

Max’s camp story (not TRUE)

Strange noises echo around me.My brother is in a deep sleep but then I remember I`ve woken up to a new day. The sound of splashing water shocks me for a moment. Then I recognize it is the river. I zip our tent open, "ahh now I remember"is what I say. I see all the other tents. Another day of summer fun. I grab a cattle stick and a … [Read more...]

When I went camping…

:-) I love camping it's fun. One time I went camping at Kaimaumau beach with my family. I felt the sand blowing on my toes. The water felt warm. Mum said she felt cold. I smelt the fuel from the quad bikes and the smell of the yummy food. I could see people tanning on the beach. People looked at the water and jumped in. I could hear … [Read more...]

Rap-unzel Show

 Rap-unzel   by Riley On MONDAY the 17th of November AHIPARA school went to the club rooms to watch a show from 3 talented people. The performance was called Rap-unzel by the Playhouse.  Their names were Jane, Jake and Ben. Jane was a girl and Jake and Ben were the boys. They were very funny and lots of kids laughed. It was based on the … [Read more...]