Ahipara School has a Town Bus service which is private service organised by the school to assist parents who choose to send their children to Ahipara School rather than send their children to their closest school. If they wish to use this bus, rather than provide their own transport, they have to share in the cost of the service. The School Board of Trustees subsidizes some of the expenses and reserves the right to decide who is eligible to access this service.

There is also a bus service available for families and whanau who live on Roma Rd, Foreshore Rd or live in the area of Wainui/Herekino. The costs for this bus service are presently being met by the Far North Bus Transport Network. Our Town Bus service is not part of the network.

For more information about costs for the Town Bus service or routes of travel, please make contact with our staff in the Office.

An approximate timetable of buses arrivals and departs are listed as follows:

  • 8.00 am : Roma Rd, Foreshore Rd, Wainui/ Herekino Buses arrive at school
  • 8.40 am : Town Bus arrives at school
  • 2.35 pm : Bus bell (Town bus children line up)
  • 2.40 pm : Town Bus departs
  • 2.45 pm : School finishes for the day
  • 3.25 pm : Bus Bell- (Children on other buses line up)
  • 3.35 pm : Wainui/Herekino Bus departs
  • 3.40 pm : Roma Rd, Foreshore Bus departs