Homework Time is a vital opportunity to connect with and find out what your child is learning at school. It also provides a perfect opportunity to develop a self-management and time routine at home, once again connecting this to school.

Junior School (Years 0 to 3)

We expect reading to happen at home, EVERY night for up to 20 minutes for everyone. Reading can be independent if your child is fluent and should never become a battle between parents and children. If the text is too difficult, help your child or share the reading. Talk to your child's teacher for more ideas.

Each week children will be given homework tasks to complete – this may include on combination of literacy (reading, writing, spelling) and numeracy work. Your child will also be encouraged to read for up to 30 minutes and beyond for older students – either independently or with another person (reading to a younger sibling, with a parent/grandparent etc). Occasionally classes will have research assignments or projects to complete – classroom teachers will give the children instructions, resources and materials to assist them. Talk to your child’s teacher if you need ideas to best support your child with their homework.

Senior School (Years 4-8)