SCHOOL Lunches


Ahipara School is one of many schools in the Far North that is part of a programme called Health Promoting Schools (HPS). In this programme we take a wider view of health than just care of the body. We try to consider all aspects that influence our children and to create an environment that promotes the health and well being of all students as well as all those within the school.

Ahipara School receives ‘Fruit in Schools’ which is a free donation of fruit twice a week, plus a donation of food from KidsCan for Breakfast Club such as Weetbix, milk and toast , served every morning from 8.10am to 8.35am.

From Term 2 2021 we are fortunate enough to participate in the Ka Ora Ka Ako Healthy School Lunches programme, which provides a free lunch every day for every student. Students will still need to bring a snack for morning tea and a water bottle.

We encourage our students to bring a healthy selection of food to feed their bodies and minds. Fizzy drinks, lollies, chocolate and other confectionery are not considered as lunch food and should be kept at home.

We are pleased to announce that Lunch By Libelle (Libelle Group) have been appointed as our 2021 school lunch service provider. Libelle Group has over 15 years of experience, feeding hungry tamariki healthy and nutritionally balanced kai in schools across all of Aotearoa.

Lunch By Libelle promises:

  • Nutritionally balanced, healthy school kai!

  • 100% local staff, empowering people in the community!

  • Regularly updated menu selection!

  • Fresh lunches made every single day!

  • Honest & open communication with opportunities to give feedback!

For more information, to see their menus or to sign up to the Lunch By Libelle newsletter head to Alternatively, check out the Lunch By Libelle Facebook page at

Dietary Requirements

Please complete this form to advise us of any special dietary requirements your student has.


Note: “special diets” refer to where students have religious, ethical, or medical reasons for avoiding eating particular foods.

It does not extend to food preferences, fussy eating, or non-medical aversions to particular foods.

Lunch by Libelle Menus are placed on the School facebook page weekly

Ka Ora Ka Ako Healthy School Lunches

How will this work at Ahipara School?

  • Lunch will be provided for every student daily. The Libelle Group prepares the kai offsite and will deliver it to the school each day in time for lunch.

  • Students will still need to bring a snack for morning tea and a water bottle.

  • We hope to continue with Kickstart Breakfast Club.

  • We hope to continue with 5+ A Day Fruit in Schools.

  • The Lunch By Libelle programme is currently active at 78 schools. This programme has been running successfully in schools for over a year now so the menus have been tried and tested, however the school office will liaise closely with Libelle to discuss our students' needs based on feedback from teachers, students and parents.

  • Environmental sustainability is very important to us. Any food scraps will be collected from the school by local farmers, and the packaging used will be recycled and/or composted in an environmentally sustainable way by Libelle.

  • All food-handling staff will be trained in the safe preparation and handling of food, and the kitchen meets very high regulatory standards. Libelle have a nationally registered Food Control Plan with MPI. Each school kitchen is registered within the Food Control Plan. They have an independent auditor who verify and audit their compliance to the Food Control Plan.